Company Profile About Us
CHIUAN YAN Ltd. was established in September 1999 to develop automation and control equipment, design and assembly known, has a light-bit systems, the mechanical, electrical and systems integration capabilities, set up its own brand A & F in 2000. Full research technology to Asia as a starting point, look at the world, to the group as the goal to grow the enterprise scale, hopes its own brand A & F has become "the world's precision alignment system" professional well-known brand! Full research with excellent and complete research and development team in Taiwan has maintained a leading position. All software and hardware products are all professional R & D team for a long time into the results of research and development, making full use of existing expertise and technologies to help clients improve their market competitiveness, and in line with market demand and industrial upgrading, and constantly strive R & D funds, also actively establish a good partnership with three major areas of industry, academia, research, etc., such as organizing the full text of speech award to stimulate more creative thinking, and we look forward to be able to offer to our customer base more professional, multi-service .

A&F 對位平台專家-102年 年代發現新台灣 採訪