Introduction of A&F

A&F Hristory

A&F Hristory

  • Awarding the 9th IIP (International Inventor Prize)
  • Organizing the 4th Chiuan-Yan Thesis Award Ceremony
  • 2013 - IIP(International Inventor Prize)
  • Medalist – The 27th World Genius Convention and Education Expo
  • Medalist - Seoul International Invention Fair ”SIIF”
  • Medalist - Moscow International Salon of Industrial Property Archimedes
  • Medalist – International Salon of Inventions & New Technologies
  • Organizing the 3rd Chiuan-Yan Thesis Award Ceremony (locating Sun Moon Lake)
  • TV program interview by MUCH TV
  • Purchased instrument and equipment: laser inteferometer, autocollimator, grade 00 granite
  • Japan semiconductor processing machinery project
  • OEM Organizing the 2nd Chiuan-Yan Thesis Award Ceremony (locating Chienkuo Technology University)
  • Start Chiuan Yan new plant construction
  • G.M. Mr. Chiu Yu-Ying received an honorary doctor's degree from International American University (IAU)
  • Established second plant and clean room; organized the First Chiuan Yan Technology Thesis Award
  • Founded LED Strategy Alliance
  • Renamed to and completed the alignment system.
  • Founded for developing alignment software.
  • Established alliance for smart device of touch panel with Metal Industries Research & Development Centre, Promell Materials Technology Inc., Pontex Polyblend Co., Ltd., and National Instruments Corporation.
  • Patent certificated sleeve shaft positioning device in Taiwan.
  • Established Chiuan Yan Co., Ltd plant, precision alignment stage technology conference and new sub-micron stage development room party.
  • Patent certificated four drive alignment stage in Taiwan; patent certificated alignment machanism in Taiwan
  • Patent certificated servo motor for backlash elimination in Taiwan.
  • Patent certificated LED-POWER displayed dimmer in Taiwan; patent certificated ball screw support unit in Taiwan.
  • Registered as a trademark in Taiwan officially. Patent certificated miniature vibrated motor in China.
  • XXY alignment stage module development and research.
  • Cold light source LED round source application, development and manufacturing.
  • Sub-micron stage design and manufacturing, agent of fiber light guide and cold light engine.
  • Preparing sub-micron stage development room.
March 2001
  • Officially registered as "Chiuan Yan Technology Co., Ltd.” for expanding product line and adopting blue sea strategy. Due to low profit from being agent of precision linear slide rails and ball screws, Chiuan Yan had invested and marketing in new product linear transmission module research and manufacturing, such as wafer probe base design.
  • Established the brand “A&F” for professional brand image. Agent of precision linear slide rails and ball screws in accordance with market demands.
  • Founded Hongun International Corp., the predecessor of Chiuan Yan Technology Co., Ltd.

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