Introduction of A&F

Introduction of A&F


"Aim" at the innovation, and "Focus" on the research, A&F is the leader branding to the precision and positioning industry.
A&F was founded in September 1999, which is known for its R&D, design and assembly of automation control equipment. It has the ability to integrate the light and the electricity of the alignment system. In 2000, the brand “A&F” was established officially under The expectation to extend the business worldwide. A&F takes Asia as a start, expanding its corporate scale of group cooperation. It is expected that A&F will become a well-known brand of Global Precision Alignment System.
With an excellent and complete research, A&F has always maintained a leading position in Taiwan. All software and hardware production are the result of long-term technical research and development by the independent R&D team. They fully utilized their existing expertise and technology to help customers Improve their market competitiveness, and cooperate with industrial upgrading and market demand to continuously improve and invest in R&D funds. Actively establish good partnerships with the three major fields of production, learning, and research, such as holding a A&F Paper Award for raising creative ideas From different academic fields. We look forward to provide more professional and diverse services to our customers in the future.

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